Top 5 Must-Have Firearm Accessories Every Gun Owner Should Consider

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As passionate firearm enthusiasts, Belmont Guns and Ammo understand the significance of accessories for guns in elevating your shooting game.  Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or just starting, investing in the right accessories for your guns can make a world of difference to your shooting experience.

Belmont Guns and Ammo is the best little gun shop in town and we’ve been experts in providing hunting accessories, guns and ammunition in Perth since 1996, so below is our guide to the top 5 accessories we think you should consider.

Firstly, Some Important Information… 

Disclaimer on Responsible Gun Ownership and Legal Compliance

It’s crucial to emphasise the importance of responsible gun ownership and adherence to legal regulations.

All firearm owners must familiarise themselves with local laws and regulations regarding the purchase, possession and use of firearms and accessories for guns. Safety should always be the top priority.

With that said, let’s get a few basics in place to help you understand our top five a little better.

Understanding the Basics: What Are Firearm Accessories?

A firearm accessory is a product that will improve, safeguard or complement your shooting experience.  Firearm accessories fall broadly into three main categories –  functional, safety and aesthetic, with each category serving its specific purpose.

Let’s dive into our list of the Top 5 must-have firearm accessories every gun owner should consider:

Accessory #1: Optics and Sights

Optics and sights, like a gun scope, can play a pivotal role in enhancing accuracy and target acquisition.  Whether you’re hunting, on the farm, participating in competitive shooting sports or simply honing your skills at the range, investing in quality optics can significantly improve your shooting performance.

At Belmont Guns and Ammo, we offer a variety of options in this category, including a gun scope, red dots and holographic sights, each catering to different shooting preferences and scenarios.

Need a little more info before buying a gun scope?  Read our post on the guide on the types of guns scopes and optics.

Accessory #2: Gun Safes and Storage Solutions

Safe firearm storage is paramount to prevent unauthorised access and safeguard your firearms from theft or mishandling.  

Our selection of gun safes includes biometric, key lock and combination lock options, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your firearms are securely stored when not in use.  When choosing a storage solution, we recommend that you consider factors such as size, accessibility, and ease of installation to ensure optimal protection for your firearms.

Not sure what you should get? Here’s our ultimate guide to choosing the right gun safe.

Accessory #3: Aftermarket Grips and Stocks

We always emphasise to our customers that the ergonomics of your firearm can significantly impact control and comfort during shooting.

For that reason, aftermarket grips are perfect and, along with stocks, they offer a personalised touch, allowing you to tailor your firearm to fit your unique preferences and shooting style.  With a range of materials and customisation options available, you can enhance both the aesthetic appeal and performance of your firearm with the right grips and stocks from us.

Accessory #4: Cleaning Kits and Maintenance Tools

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your firearm in optimal condition and ensure reliable performance.  Our comprehensive cleaning kits contain all the essential tools and solvents needed to effectively clean and maintain your firearm.  From bore brushes to lubricants, our cleaning kits are designed to simplify the maintenance process and prolong the lifespan of your firearm.

Here’s our helpful guide on how to carry out proper gun maintenance.

Accessory #5: Holsters and Carrying Cases

Our range of holsters includes options for various firearm models and belt types whilst being utilised at the range, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. 

Additionally, our carrying cases provide added protection during transportation and storage, keeping your firearms safe and secure wherever you go.

Enhancing Your Shooting Experience: Additional Gadgets

In addition to the essential accessories mentioned above, we stock a variety of advanced gadgets available to further enhance your shooting experience.  From firearm slings to flashlights and lasers, our range of accessories offers added functionality and versatility in different shooting scenarios.

And, as always, it’s important to be aware of the legal considerations and regulations for your area regarding the use of any firearm accessories.

The Role of Training and Practice

While firearm accessories can certainly improve your shooting experience, they are no substitutes for proper training and practice.  Investing time and effort into honing your skills and familiarising yourself with your firearm and its accessories is essential for safe and effective use.

At Belmont Guns and Ammo, we provide resources for firearm training and education to help you become a responsible and proficient gun owner. Contact us for more details.

In Conclusion…

Gun accessories play an important role in enhancing your shooting experience and maximising the potential of your firearm.  By investing in quality accessories and prioritising responsible gun ownership, you can enjoy a safe and fulfilling shooting experience for years to come.

Remember, safety always comes first and it’s essential to familiarise yourself with local laws and regulations regarding firearms and firearm accessories.

We are ‘the best little gun shop in Perth’ and stock a wide range of guns and accessories. So contact us or visit Belmont Guns and Ammo today to explore our extensive range and take your shooting game to the next level!