Some important things to consider when buying a firearm are:

How big a property do you have access to?

Gun laws in WA are driven by access to property size. The bigger the property, the more calibres are available for you to use.

What purpose do you want a firearm for – hunting or competition?

This is usually the first question asked when buying a gun, as it dictates the type of firearm staff will suggest you purchase.

Are you after a hunting gun?

If it’s a hunting gun you’re after, what animal are you targeting and at what distance?

What is your budget?

The Remington 783 and Howa 1500 rifle packages are great value. If you want to upgrade your scopes to use in competition, as well as around the farm, we offer a large variety of Athlon, Burris, Meopta scopes. We also have great bulk buy deals on the popular calibres of ammunition.