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Belmont Guns & Ammo’s collection of Hunting Knives

The premier destination for fixed blade knives and hunting knives in Australia. As an expert or beginner hunter, you know how essential it is to have reliable tools at your disposal. Our outdoor knives are designed for use in hunting tasks. They feature sharp blades that can withstand the rigors of the requirements of hunters.

Our fixed blade and hunting knives for sale in Perth, Australia

Our knives are made from high quality materials like titanium and stainless steel for durability. Our selection includes knives from the most respected brands in the industry like Buck Knives and Cold Steel. We offer a range of blades, from serrated edges to smooth edges. Our selection features a variety of hunting knives, including:

  • Fixed Blade Knives: These include hunting knives, bushcraft knives, and survival knives
  • Folding Knives: These are knives with a folding mechanism for easy carry and storage.
  • Machetes and Axes: These are larger tools for heavy-duty cutting tasks.
  • Multi-Tool Knives: These are versatile tools that include multiple functions in one.
  • Throwing Knives and Axes: These are knives and axes designed for throwing.
  • Cleaver Knives: These are knives with a broad, heavy blade for chopping.
  • Skinner Knives: These are knives designed to separate skin from the carcass.
  • Utility Knives: These are knives that can be used for a variety of tasks.

What type of hunting knife should you buy?

When choosing a hunting knife in Australia, consider the type hunting and tasks you’ll need the knife for. For larger game, a fixed blade knife is ideal for strength and reliability. Look for a drop point or clip point blade for versatility in skinning and field dressing. For  precision tasks, a folding knife with a sharp, agile blade is more suitable. Ensure the handle is comfortable and provides a secure grip. High-quality materials like stainless steel or carbon steel are recommended for durability.

Buy hunting knives online through us in Perth

We’ve got you covered for all of your hunting knives needs. Contact us today for any questions you have on our extensive selection. Our knowledgeable team is always available to help you find the perfect tool for your specific needs. We deliver Australia-wide.

The possession of knives may fall under Western Australia’s Weapons Regulations (1999). Be sure to ensure you are legally allowed to own these products before purchasing them.