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Best Gun Safes in Perth

Belmont Guns and Ammo is home to the best gun safes to ensure your firearms are safely stored and not easily accessed by those who should not access them.

The Firearms Act (1996) has requirements that must be met so that your guns are securely stored and not easily accessed by anyone other than those who may legally access them.

A gun safe is a container designed to keep any firearms,  gun parts and accessories inaccessible to people who are not authorised to use them. Gun safes also prevent flood or fire from damaging the safe’s contents. They provide quick access to your firearms when you need them and have extra storage space for your other valuable items, making it imperative to choose a quality safe from a reputable supplier like Belmont Guns and Ammo.

What is the best gun safe to buy?

When considering what gun safe to purchase to store your firearms, the main thing to consider is how much space you will need to store your firearms now and in the future. We stock small gun safes for hand guns with prices starting from $349.99 to large fire resistant gun safes that are able to store all of your firearms.

If you have any further questions, seek advice from the experienced professionals at Belmont Guns and Ammo. With a core ethos of supplying only top brands to each valued customer, our Lokaway gun safes and Spika safes for sale are suitable for all firearms users.

Belmont Guns and Ammo – the best place to buy a gun safe in Australia

From secure firearm and ammunition safes to highly practical safe organisers, our wide range of quality items along with qualified and helpful staff make it highly beneficial to work with an established gun shop in Belmont.

As a family-run business renowned for top-quality products and superior brands, there’s no better place to buy a firearm safe in Australia than with Belmont Guns and Ammo.

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Get in touch with the friendly staff at Belmont Guns and Ammo today with any queries. Our staff have expert knowledge on gun safes and firearms.

For more information about the storage requirements of guns, visit the Western Australian Government’s website section on firearms.