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Ammunition Reloading Supplies
Whether you are experienced in firearms or a first time gun owner, you will appreciate our range of ammunition reloading supplies. Choosing an experienced gun shop with Belmont Guns and Ammo that stocks leading brands like Browning and Winchester means a smart investment in reliable projectiles.

Operating since 1995, Belmont Guns and Ammo are highly experienced providers of quality guns, ammunition, and specialist accessories. Whether you want to buy an ammunition box or the best firing rounds for your gun of choice, our expert staff are available to relieve the hassle and find the right ammo that will fit your gun.

Our Broad Range of Ammo
We offer a variety of brands and types of bullets to suit all types of guns. We offer centrefire and rimfire bullets, shotgun shells and ammo for air rifles. Our range includes leading brands including Aguila, Browning and Winchester

We have a range of calibres and gauges for all types of guns:

Air Rifle:

QYS Airgun Pellets .177 (4.50mm) Diabolo Streamlined 9.56gr Heavy (500)


Browning 9mm X-Point Defense 147gr
Federal 243Win American Eagle 75gr JHP
Federal 308Win Premium 180gr Trophy Bonded Tip
Hornady .30-30Win Leverevolution 160gr FTX
Sako 300Win Mag Hammerhead 220gr Soft Point


Aguila .22lr Interceptor HV HP Ammo
Aguila .22lr Pistol Match Standard SP Ammo
CCI 22LR Stinger 32gr Copper Hollow Point
Eley 22lr Standard 40gr LRN


Aguila 12g Minishell 1 3/4″ Buckshot
Aguila 12g Minishell 1 3/4″ Lead Slug
Winchester 12g Dual Bond Sabot Slugs
Winchester AA International 12g #7.5 24gm
Winchester Super Target 12G Shotgun Ammunition #7.5 1150FPS 28Gram


We Ship Australia Wide
You can order ammunition online through our store and we will ship to you anywhere in Australia. The cost of shipping will depend on the amount of ammo that is purchased. We will send your bullets to you via a dangerous goods freight forwarder as it is explosive powder.

We are the Leading Ammunition Reloading Supplies in Australia for Hunters and Shooters
We offer many brands at competitive prices. Browse our extensive range online now, or contact Belmont Guns and Ammo today to speak to a knowledgeable team member who are specialists in choosing the right ammunition supplies for your needs.

For further information on gun and ammunition ownership, visit the Western Australian Government’s website section on firearms.