Beretta DT11 10th Anniversary Sporter 12G Shotgun 32″


Beretta DT11 10th Anniversary 12G ShotgunTo mark 10 years of international success in both the professional arena and by amateurs on shooting ranges all over the world, Beretta has created an Anniversary edition of the DT11.

The DT11 is a shotgun renowned for outstanding precision, balance, handling, and durability.  With all the outstanding features of the legendary DT11, the 10th Anniversary edition has been redesigned in a commemorative exterior, featuring meticulous engraving with a modern floral motif and hand-polished, mirrored side plates.

The base plate of the receiver features floral engraving on the lateral sections, while the polished central area contains the Beretta and DT11 logos, complete with the inscription “10th Anniversary Limited Edition”. The receiver base plate is also embellished with the specific production number of the individual piece, hand-engraved and gold inlayed. This number is also indicated in the serial number.

This model will be available in a limited run of just 350 pieces, divided between Trap and Sporting versions.

Main features:

  • Selected grade 3 walnut wood
  • Extremely reliable cross bolt closure mechanism
  • Interchangeable barrel locking shoulders
  • DT11 thickness of lateral plates increases the weight in the barycentre, providing greater shouldering stability
  • New floral engraving on pins, top lever, and ribbons
  • Hand polished side plates for a mirror finish
  • Forend iron with replaceable pad in high resistance material for a perfect coupling between forend and barrel
  • “V” type hammer springs guarantee crisp trigger operation and high percussion speed
  • Optima-Bore HP Steelium Pro barrels
  • Optima-Choke HP chokes (for Sporting versions)

During production, every effort is made to ensure perfect coupling between principal (receiver, barrels, forend iron) and secondary ( top lever, etc.) parts of the firearm. This attention to detail renders every shotgun unique, guaranteeing that each individual product has been manufactured and tested under the personal care of the master gunsmiths of the world’s oldest and most prestigious gun maker.

The wooden parts in grade 3 walnut are hand-finished according to the requirements of the individual with the stock adapted according to the customer’s specifications. The checkering on the stock and the forend is designed for maximum grip and is done entirely by hand.

The design of the top lever is the result of collaboration with leading shooters. It improves the grip, reduces effort, and makes it easier for left-handed shooters.  The form of the firing selector is designed for maximum grip and ease of operation.  The position of the trigger may be easily regulated and with a high degree of precision.

The carefully chambered barrels and upper profile of the receiver fences permit rapid target acquisition even during instinctive shouldering movements.  The various component weights are distributed so that the centre of gravity is aligned with the first barrel:  This feature practically eliminates muzzle rise, enabling faster target acquisition for the second shot.

The top rib features newly designed hollow barrel bridges. This improves barrel balance and improves heat dissipation when the tubes overheat.

As a final touch, the commemorative DT11 Anniversary edition is supplied in a special, dark leather gun case, with gold stitched features that include the lettering “DT11 10th Anniversary” on the black lining inside the case.