Browning Pistol .22LR Buckmark Target Plus Vision Americana


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See the light. Vision models feature more than striking looks, they are also deceptively lightweight. The solid steel barrel is replaced with a smaller diameter inner steel barrel that is surrounded by a tensioning outer aluminum sleeve. With a Buck Mark Vision, you get legendary accuracy in a much lighter, more nimble package that is ideal for field and competition use.

  • New Vision barrel features a tensioned outer aluminum sleeve surrounding a strong steel inner barrel
  • Honeycomb cuts on barrel sleeve provide a dynamic look and reduce weight
  • 5.9″ barrel length with 1/2″-28 TPI threads
  • Removeable muzzle brake
  • Blue frame, slide and barrel
  • UFX rubber overmolded grips
  • Picatinny optics rail
  • 16-click adjustable Pro-Target rear sight with white outline
  • TRUGLO/Marble Arms fibre optic front sight
  • Includes pistol rug