Bush Edge Protective Scope Cover


Bush Edge Protective Scope Cover 

Ideal for field use, shooting, hunting, camping and at the range. Ute, Quad and motorbike friendly.

Bush Edge’s Protector-Series Scope Cover Medium/Large measures 360mm/14.17 inch length fits rifle scopes up to 380mm/15 inch with adjustment cord for a secure fit.

Made from 3-layer terylene and neoprene for water, dirt and grime resistance. This scope cover also comes with extra reinforced ends to protect sensitive optics areas.


  • Reinforced ends for sensitive optics protection
  • 3-layer laminated terylene and neoprene to protect from water, dirt and grime.
  • Fits rifles scopes 30.5cm-38cm (12-15″)
  • Adjustment cord for secure fit and varied sizing
  • Thermal and shock resistance to weather the elements