CZ 600 Alpha 7.62×39 Rifle


CZ 600 Alpha 7.62×39 Rifle

The fiber-reinforced polymer stock of the CZ 600 ALPHA features a symmetrical design with soft touch plastic inserts on the pistol grip, forend and toe.

Its interchangeable, semi-heavy barrel comes with a threaded muzzle and thread protector. Barrel lengths are optimized for each specific caliber. Optics are easily mounted on the integrated Weaver rail on its durable aluminum receiver.

The CZ 600 ALPHA is factory tested and guaranteed sub-MOA at 100 meters (three-shot groups with match-grade factory ammunition).

Easy maintenance makes this model particularly well-suited for those who use their rifle on a daily basis and deeply value durability and reliability, regardless of inclement weather.

  • Calibre: 7.62×39
  • Barrel: 457mm
  • Overall: 943mm
  • Magazine: 5shot
  • Options: Muzzlebrake