Fox Bushman FX-609 OD


The Fox Bushman FX-609 is a large and robust outdoor knife, perfect for bushcraft and survival tasks. When you hold the Bushman you immediately know that this knife was made for the more demanding tasks. You can tell by the impressive blade thickness, and the matching weight. But also because of the interesting grind of the blade. From the flat part onwards there is a primary flat grind with, on top, a secondary flat grind which closely resembles a scandi grind, with, below, the actual V-edge. As such the edge is incredibly strong.

The blade is made from is D2-steel. A type of tool steel that is incredibly tough and strong. Do, however, be careful with moisture and acids: D2 is not completely stainless. But you do get that toughness in return.

The handle of the Fox Bushman is made from micarta. A composite material from linen and synthetic resin. Incredibly strong and it feels great in hand. Especially when wet it will offer you more grip because the textile fibres expand. Practical in outdoor conditions.

Such an impressive knife deserves a good sheath, is what the producers at Fox should have thought. The sheath that comes with the Fox Bushman is made from luxurious American leather. The sheath is enhanced with two leather belt loops. There are also additional holes to make sure you can attach the belt loops in different ways for different carrying options.