Fox Knives Radius FX-550 DCFR #60


The Fox Knives Radius FX-550 DCFR is a remarkable pocket knife. At the 2019 Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia USA this knife won awards for the best imported knife and Overall Knife of the Year. This is already great, but with this Limited Edition version Fox takes it up a notch. Exceptional materials and a unique box. But more about that later. This model was only produced 103 times. So very limited! We have #60 in stock!

Aside from the stunning materials used and an exclusive character the Fox Knives Radius is truly a revolutionary pocket knife. The thumb stud is added to the handle and also functions as a lock. Really unique! By pushing the thumb stud you can unlock the knife to make sure you can close it. No one has ever done that. And crazily enough this is a type of invention that might make you think: why didn’t anyone ever think of this before.