Fox Knives Ryu FX-634


The Fox Knives Ryu is a modern interpretation of a classic Japanese tanto sword. A short sword that was originally used by Samurai. Today the term ‘tanto’ is used for a specific type of blade shape. It is characterized by the pointed tip and straight spine. Something you clearly see when you look at the Fox Ryu. Due to its strong tip this type of blade is perfect for penetrating tasks. But also daily tasks like opening a box will be a piece of cake.

The micarta handle stands out. It is enhanced with finger grooves and a texture for enough grip. The end of the handle is enhanced with a lanyard hole to attach a piece of paracord. The pointed end of the handle is enhanced with a glass breaker. You can clearly tell that Fox Knives paid a lot of attention to the details. Everything is nicely rounded to make sure the only sharp part is the edge.

The blade is made from Niolox steel. A German type of tool steel that is fairly stainless but when exposed to salt and acids can stain a little. When it comes to sharpness retention Niolox can be compared to D2 steel, but it is more resistant against chipping. It has a fine structure and it is easy to sharpen. You can carry the Ryu in the kydex sheath from your belt or gear. You can move the belt clip to your liking.