HIK Micro TQ50 Thermal Clip On


The HIKMICRO THUNDER TQ50 Thermal Scope is for the real serious shooter, it has a large 640 × 512Vox thermal detector with a 12 μm pixel interval which gives you incredible detail. Your able to use the 8x zoom and still have a clear view of your target without it pixelating. It has a 1024 × 768 OLED monitor, which provides a clear image even under harsh conditions with the help of its <35mK NETD.

The TQ50C is designed as a multi use device, you can use as a permanent scope on your rifle, or with adding extra accessories to it can become a Clipon. Or can be used as a monocular. Please note there will be an update firmware to use the current model as a clipon in Dec 2021. New units purchase mid Dec will already have the update to enable the use of the clipon image calibration function.

When using all Thunder Scopes as a clipon, it is important to note that you will need to Zero the Thermal to your Day scope. This is completed by calibrating the thermal image to where your day scope is zeroed to. Every clipon needs this – as if any variation of the thermal display screen can throw the shot off.

This is a high level scope, you will be amazed by the image and the amount of detail you will see.  HIKMicro have out done themselves with this one. With its versatility and function.