HIKmicro TH35PC Thunder Thermal Kit


HIKmicro TH35PC Thunder Thermal Kit

The HIKmicro Thunder TH35PC can be used in three configurations; a Thermal Scope, a Handheld Thermal Monocular, or a Thermal Clip On.
The HIKMICRO Thunder TH35PC is the revised version of the popular TH35C.
Now with an updated 384×288 12 micron core, the tri-use thermal imager and is ideal for use as both an clip-on, dedicated scope or a hand held monocular.
The thermal imager has a compact and robust housing. With a length of 16.5 cm, the TH35PC is pleasantly compact. With a weight of 390 g, it is lighter than the average of current thermal imaging attachments, which is particularly advantageous in hunting use.

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