Hornady 392601 LnL Auto Press Shellplate #1


Hornady 392601 LnL Auto Press Shellplate #1

With Hornady Shell Plates you can reload almost every pistol and rifle calibre on your Hornady AP progressive reloading press.  Shell plates are numbered which correspond to the calibres they are capable of reloading.

The shell plates will fit Hornady Lock-N-Load AP progressive presses with both the new EZ-Ject system and the older wire ejection models as well as the much older Pro-Jector presses.

Hornady shell plates feature a subtle radius on each shell holder mouth to ensure smooth and reliable functioning. The retainer spring is designed to stay in place when inserting cases into the shell plate.

A number 1 shell plate will reload calibres like .22-250, .243Win, .308Winchester, 8mm Mauser, 30-06Springfield, 9.3×57, of course it will also accept additional large rifle calibres.