KA-BAR Tanto Knife (KB1245)


The KA-BAR 1245 Tanto is the Asian-inspired brother of the famous KA-BAR USMC. The knife is enhanced with the same features, but now with a tanto-blade. The penetrating power of the tanto-shape is what distinguishes this knife from its competitors. The knife is big and feels very strong. The handle is enhanced with a knife guard to make sure you will never end up on the razor-sharp edge during heavy-duty use.

The blade is made from 1095-carbon steel. This steel, however, is not corrosion-resistant. Fortunately the blade is enhanced with a black coating to make sure maintenance is a lot easier. What do you get in return? It is incredibly strong and tough. As such it can really handle its own.

The KA-BAR 1245 comes with a plastic sheath in order to easily carry it with you. It is enhanced with a royal belt loop.