Ka-Bar Wrench Knife (1119)


In keeping with the simple utility of the KaBar Becker BK14 the Forged Wrench Knife is a simple drop point neck knife that is perfect for everyday carry and use. What makes this knife unique is the familiar “wrench” handle and drop forged stainless steel construction you typically find in quality wrenches and tools. This version comes with a flat ground, plain edge, 425 stainless steel blade, integral handle and polymer sheath.

Blade: The integral, drop forged construction makes the Forged Wrench Knife very durable and easy to maintain while the flat ground, drop point blade delivers the slicing and piercing performance you would expect from such a utilitarian piece. 425 high carbon stainless is very low maintenance making this the perfect addition to your kit, tool box or backup bag.

Handle: The integral, drop forged handle is made to look and feel like the handle of a wrench, thus the name. All metal construction is durable enough to handle serious use while being surprisingly comfortable and allowing for multiple grip options. The hole on the end isn’t just for look but also allows for carabiner or lanyard attachment or storage of the knife on pegboard or similar hooks.

Sheath: Carries via a rugged, moulded polymer sheath.

425 Stainless Steel: A direct upgrade to 420HC, 425 is a high carbon stainless steel that provides excellent rust resistance, ease of re-sharpening and moderate edge retention while being exceptionally tough for a stainless steel.