Ka-Bar Zomstro Fixed Cleaver Blade


“Zombies” come in all shapes and sizes but this big boy is sure to make light work of any apocalyptic mission you may find yourself on. Toxic green handles will let ’em know you’re coming and you mean business…or you can swap them out for the black scales that are included and wage a sneak attack! Knife comes mounted with toxic green handles. Extra set of black scales and Acheron Skeleton Knife (only) included. Zombie® patch included, mounted on MOLLE compatible sheath.

In an ever-changing world, the need for preparedness has never been greater. Without notice the game can change and the rules no longer apply. Questioning your gear at a crucial moment is not an option. Whether setting up camp or securing your perimeter, ZK knives are designed to perform under the most rigorous, unexpected and apocalyptic situations. Are you prepared?