Meopta 6-24×56 Meostar ZD RD MilDot2


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Meopta 6-24×56 MeoStarZD RD MilDot2 

The ZD 6-24×56 RD is a precision long range riflescope developed for long range rifles in order to achieve deadly-accurate shot placement at extreme distances.

The new Mil Dot 2 illuminated reticle with integrated range-finding markers is calibrated for accurate target estimation in standard calibers 7.62×51 NATO, .308, .338 WM and 12.7 mm. Third turret parallax adjustment ranges from 25 m to infinity, guaranteeing precision aiming at any desired range.

Advanced illumination system situated on the ocular offers push button control of the illumination with 256 settings for bright and adverse lighting conditions.