Powabeam 250W Spotlight 245mm with Bracket


Powabeam 250W Spotlight 245mm with Bracket

This Australian Made Powa Beam 9” Spotlight is designed to be used as a powerful searchlight from your vehicle or boat. It connects directly to your vehicle battery to ensure you have uninterrupted light all night long.

This model is popular among farmers, recreation shooters & is the light of choice by many professional shooters.


  • Reflector Size – 245mm (Diameter)
  • Casing Size – 265mm (Diameter) x 190mm (Depth)
  • Voltage – 12V with a step up converter to 24V
  • Power – 250W
  • Nominal Luminous Flux – 8200lm
  • Light Type – Quartz Halogen (QH)
  • Beam Type – Adjustable from Spot to Spread
  • Base – Steel Bracket with 12mm Mounting Hole
  • Beam Distance – TBC


  • On Standby this Light will draw approx. 100mA, we suggest using a 25amp Isolation Switch
  • In use this Light will draw approx. 22amp from the battery to the converter & approx. 10amp from the convertor to the spotlight

Main Components for Modifications & Repairs:

  • Bulb: 24V 250W Horizontal Filament
  • Lens: Toughened Glass
  • Reflector: Heat Resistant Alloy Reflector
  • Case: Anodized Alloy
  • Base: Powder Coated Custom Metal Bracket

Package Includes:

  • Powa Beam 9” 250W QH Spotlight
  • 3.5m Cable
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Toggle Switch
  • 1.5m 6mm Cable with Anderson Style Plug Connection
  • Maxi Fuse Holder
  • 30 Amp Fuse
  • 20 Amp Switch
  • Powa Beam Bumper Sticker