SmartRest Weaver Rail for Rifle


Smartrest Weaver Rail for Rifle

The SmartRest brand Sling Stud Weaver Rail is a unit designed to mount to the swivel sling stud of a firearm.

There are two ways to mount to the stud and both fasteners are supplied in the package.

The rail includes a sling stud on it, so it does not change the function of your firearm sling.

1st Option: Screw Clamp:

Utilizing the firearm’s existing sling swivel stud a pin locks into the sling swivel stud, then allows you to fasten the rail down with a tightening nut, using the pin as an anchor. This fastener does not require any modifications to be made to the firearm at all.

2nd Option: Direct Screw:

Screws directly into the stock replacing the sling swivel stud. It requires you to remove the existing sling stud screw and fasten the rail directly into the hole in the stock. This will only work if the rifle features a fine threaded T nut as standard issue. If it does not have a T nut, but you wish to use this method, you can purchase a T nut from Eagleye and install it yourself or get a Smith to do it.

SmartRest highly recommends the use of the direct screw which is a far more reliable and durable option.