Snowpeak Hand Pump with Fixed Feet


Snowpeak Hand Pump with Fixed Feet 

This Airgun Hand Pump 30E is an excellent choice for inputting air to your PCP Air Rifle or Pistol. It’s an economical and practical solution. It is light and the structure is very simple for easy handling. The safest way in charging air to all your airguns!

  1. Simple to build out of the box
  2. Lightweight to handle
  3. Stable and very well made
  4. Hase a filter function for input and output
  5. first Stage, Second Stage, Third Stage all Made from Stainless Steel
  1. PCP Hand Pump
  2. Pedal Type with Unfoldable Feet Plate
  3. Work Pressure is a good 30Mpa
  4. Output Thread – M10*1.0
  5. Pump 400-500 Times to Reach 20Mpa for a 0.35L Tank
  6. Length – Close 590mm/Open 1090mm
  7. Weight: 2.2kg

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