Spika S3D 12gun Premium Digital Safe with Internal Ammo Box


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The Spika Premium range of safes take safe storage to the next level, with gold spindles, embellishments and a fully digital keypad a safe has never looked so good. If you’re looking for a highly secure and affordable safe that is of premium quality, then this is the safe for you.

The S3D comes fitted with our highly secure Spika Digital locking pad with a key override as standard. The S3D also features a premium gold coloured five spoke spindle, it comes with TAUPE coloured interior carpet lining.

The spacious ammo compartment stores ammo or firearm accessories and is fully compliant to the A+B category. It also includes it’s own anti pry Power-Point System and key locking mechanism.

All our highly secure premium safes come with our unique gold embellishments and durable Blackstone powder coat finish. These finishes make our safes a true feature piece to store your firearms.

  • Spika digital lock system
  • Key lock override security system
  • Spika’s anti pry power-point security system
  • Durable blackstone powder coated finish
  • Internal ammo compartment
  • Adjustable wooden gun rack
  • 6mm door edge
  • 2mm body
  • 5 live locking bolts
  • 93 kg
  • 360 × 520 × 1500 mm
  • A, B
  • 12*Approximate: Allways measure your own firearms 

In store collection only (Belmont WA).