Uncle Henry Knife ‘Senior Rancher’ Folding Knife


The Uncle Henry 885UH Senior Rancher is a unique slip joint folder with a lot of personality. This knife has three different blades in the same vein of a stockman. The main blade is a clip point blade. The two smaller secondary blades are a Spey and sheep foot blade. The sheep foot profile is an underrated blade style that’s great for a wide range of tasks, including all kinds of work around the house.

But what makes this knife stand out from other traditional knives is the Staglon handles. The outside layer gives off a yellowish hue while the inside looks like a burnt brown beneath the Uncle Henry shield. When you surround it with heat-treated bolsters and brass pins, you get a lot of attention from the look of this knife.

The three blades and sleek handle are all packed into a knife that’s easy to carry in your pocket, ensuring you’re prepared for everything from a splinter to fieldwork.