Top Tips for First Time Gun Buyers

Tips for First Time Gun Buyers
0 1351 Sep 01, 2022

Being a new gun owner is exciting, whether you’re a new user or are well-versed in gun use. While becoming a first-time firearm owner can feel momentous it also comes with serious responsibilities.

Choosing the perfect first gun to buy is an important decision, and should centre around your reasons for purchasing a firearm. Accepted uses in Australia include hunting, animal management, target shooting, and building a gun collection for show; speak to the equipment experts at Guns and Ammo for tailored advice on choosing a suitable firearm or to buy ammo for a first gun.

Read on to learn valuable advice and gun safety information for first-time owners.

First off, do I need a licence?

The answer is a resounding yes – all Australian states require gun owners to hold an approved licence. The West Australian Police Force necessitates Firearm Licences suitable for the gun category in question, including Category A (low-powered firearms) to Category H (handguns).

Successful applicants will receive their licence through the post within 7 working days, and a Firearm Identification Card – also known as an Extract of Licence (ELC) – within 3 weeks of licence approval. 

How to get a gun licence in Australia

Individual and organisational applicants must submit specific information to WA’s police force; the firearm type, proof of stable gun storage, 100 points of ID, as well as a Firearm Serviceability Certificate from approved firearm dealers for the gun in question. 

Each applicant is required to submit a genuine reason (with proof) for owning a gun. While reasons from employment as a security guard to vermin control are accepted, the need for acquiring a firearm, self-defence or property protection is not a genuine reason here in Australia.  

Those looking at how to get a gun licence in Australia for the first time (an ‘original licence’), must also pass a Firearms Awareness Test with an approved firearm dealer or association. 

What are the types of firearms available?

As you must declare which firearm category you wish to apply for, making it important to carefully consider the best first gun to buy. Choose a quality firearm from a respected brand that works for your stature and intended use, and is ideal to practice with as you develop your skills. Prominent gun types include:

Speak to expert firearm dealers for tailored advice on the best first gun to buy for your needs, as well as how to buy ammunition for first gun. 

Vital gun safety information for first-time owners

As well as acquiring a gun licence, it’s imperative to take part in a training course and continue regular practice at approved target shooting ranges. Those unwilling to gain the advised expertise should reconsider owning such a powerful weapon.

Quality firearms from Belmont Guns and Ammo are long-lasting investments, making it worthwhile to keep them in a secure gun safe inaccessible to children, and free from harmful environmental factors like water, oil, and dust. 

Find the ideal first gun to buy from Guns and Ammo

Working with experienced firearm dealers at Belmont Guns and Ammo means acquiring knowledgeable insight into the best first gun to buy, and expert advice on ammo, gun safety, and firearm storage.

Contact Belmont Guns and Ammo today with any queries about our range of firearms, or how to buy ammo for a first gun.