A Comprehensive Guide Of Western Australia Gun Laws By Belmont Guns

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Navigating the landscape of gun laws is essential for responsible firearm ownership. In Western Australia, where safety is paramount, understanding the regulations governing firearms is crucial. The Western Australian Government is currently reviewing the Firearms Act to deliver the toughest gun laws in the nation.

As you explore this guide by leading firearm store Belmont Guns, we’ll provide you with an overview of Western Australia’s firearm laws, covering everything from ownership and purchasing to storage and where to shop firearms in Perth.

Overview of Western Australia’s Firearms Act

Firearm ownership in Western Australia hinges on getting the appropriate licences. The Firearms Act defines the legal framework for firearm possession, emphasising safety, responsibility, and compliance.

Western Australia issues various types of firearm licences to those looking to buy guns, each tailored to specific needs. Licences include categories for recreational shooting, sports shooting and occupational purposes.

Anyone looking to shop firearms has to complete a thorough application process, which involves background checks, character references, and a mandatory firearm safety training course. Transfers of firearms between licence holders are also subject to regulations that prioritise safe transactions.

Categories of Firearms and their Restrictions

Western Australia categorises firearms based on their intended use and potential risks. These categories dictate the licensing requirements and restrictions associated with each type of firearm, which are essential to know when looking to buy guns:

  • Category A: Includes rimfire rifles and shotguns with specific criteria, like limited capacity and non-semi-automatic actions.
  • Category B: Encompasses centerfire rifles, often used for hunting, with stricter storage requirements.
  • Category C: Involves semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, subject to stringent security and genuine reason requirements.
  • Category D: Pertains to handguns and semi-automatic rifles for specific occupational purposes, such as law enforcement.
  • Category H: Covers handguns for sporting shooters, with comprehensive licensing, training, and storage prerequisites.

What To Know Before You Buy Guns in WA

When you’re ready to buy guns online or from a reputable firearm store, you must purchase through a registered firearm dealer. This ensures that all transactions adhere to legal requirements, including background checks and documentation when you shop firearms.

Private firearm sales and transfers involve strict procedures to safeguard against unauthorised ownership. Both parties involved must adhere to specific guidelines to complete a legal transaction.

A waiting period is imposed after applying to buy guns online, from a licensed dealer, or ammunition shop. This period allows for thorough background checks, ensuring that firearms don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Storage and Transportation of Firearms

Responsible firearm ownership extends to secure storage. Firearms must be stored in accordance with regulations to prevent unauthorised access and protect against accidents and theft.

Transporting firearms has stringent rules to prevent the risk of theft or misuse. Secure transportation containers are required to ensure safe journeys.

Non-compliance with regulations carries significant penalties. Shop firearms in Perth with respected dealers only, who can advise adherence to these rules to maintain the safety of your firearms and the community.

Firearm Modifications and Accessories

Customising firearms is subject to tough guidelines, but legal modifications can enhance performance within the bounds of safety and compliance. 

Certain accessories and modifications are prohibited due to potential dangers, so it’s crucial to understand these restrictions when looking to buy guns to ensure compliance.

Firearm Use and Carrying in Public

Shooting Ranges and Legal Recreational Shooting Activities

Shooting ranges provide a controlled environment for practising firearm use. Participating in legal recreational shooting activities enhances skills while adhering to safety guidelines.

Carrying Firearms in Public: Permits and Restrictions

Carrying firearms in public demands specific permits, often limited to those in professional roles. Strict restrictions apply to ensure public safety.

Hunting Laws and Permits in Western Australia

Hunting is subject to regulations that safeguard both wildlife and the community, and you must obtain the necessary permits and adhere to guidelines to engage in responsible hunting.

Surrendering and Disposal of Firearms

Surrendering firearms voluntarily allows for safe disposal and minimises risks associated with unwanted firearms. Amnesty programs provide an opportunity to surrender firearms without legal consequences, and participating in these programs contributes to community safety. 

Legal Consequences of Violating Firearm Laws

Violating firearm laws can result in severe penalties, emphasising the importance of responsible ownership and adherence to regulations. In cases of licence revocation or firearm seizure, individuals have avenues for legal recourse to address the situation.

Additional Resources and Support

Official sources provide accurate and up-to-date information on Western Australia’s gun laws, so you can stay informed through these reliable channels. Local firearm associations and ammunition shops offer support, guidance, and opportunities for responsible gun owners to engage with the community. 

When in doubt, seek legal advice from professionals well-versed in firearm-related matters to ensure compliance and responsible ownership before looking to buy guns.

Buy guns online from a knowledgeable firearm store 

As you delve into the realm of Western Australia’s gun laws while researching where to shop firearms in Perth, remember that responsible ownership lines up with legal compliance and the safety of our community.

Belmont Guns is dedicated to guiding you through the legal process when you shop firearms, ensuring a secure environment for firearm enthusiasts and the wider public alike. 

Shop firearms in Perth from a quality ammunition shop today, or get in touch now with any queries.