Why Should I Get a Gun Safe?

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0 1121 Dec 09, 2022

Owning a firearm comes with a high level of responsibility. One of the main requirements is having a secure location to store your guns, that is compliant with Australian gun ownership regulations. 

The reasons for this are clear – preventing unwanted persons or curious children from accessing these deadly weapons and using them to cause harm, either on purpose or by accident. Quality gun safes in Australia are essential to upholding gun safety laws, and preventing your firearms from damage or falling into the wrong hands. 

Read on to discover more about robust gun safe designs made from thick, durable steel, and how to choose the best safe design for your needs. 

Why do I need a gun safe?

Local laws within each Australian state clarify requirements to store your firearms and ammunition in a compliant, lockable safe. As well as preventing theft and vandalism, guns safe with rust prevention keeps our firearms in top condition, ready for use. 

Just like any other purchase from the knowledgeable team at Belmont Guns and Ammo, only quality gun safe brands in Australia are available to ensure each customer receives a reliable product designed to last. 

For safekeeping and security

Superior gun safes in Australia ensure utmost security and safekeeping for your weapons, thanks to the inclusion of durable locks, security bolts, thick steel shells, a reliable opening mechanism, interior re-lockers, and a heavy frame capable of being bolted down. 

Premium products like the SPIKA S4N 15 Gun Safe also have an external ammunition box, spare lock, anti-pry door edge, an interior wooden gun rack, and custom dark gloss chrome handles.

Rust prevention

Storing your firearms in a safe at risk of rust damage is irresponsible. Investing in firearms safe rust prevention is a smart long-term move, keeping your gun safe free from interference and your firearm secure from harm or theft. 

Renowned security brand Lokaway offers durable products like the Lokdd Double Door 15 Gun Safe, with the patented Swing n Slide locking technology to keep your firearms and ammunition safe and rust-free.

What are the popular brands of gun safes and why I should buy good brands

Choosing a renowned brand for gun safes in Australia is a wise decision, investing your money in a durable storage solution that offers robust protection for the foreseeable future. Belmont Guns and Ammo are proud to supply each valued customer with only top-quality, reputable brands that are both cost-effective and well-made.


Australian-owned brand Spika has become the ideal choice for gun safes for many hunters and shooters, with each investment in their extensive range offering long-term reliability and protection from fire, rust, and forced entry. 


Lokaway rifle safes are known for their top-of-the-line gun safe products, securing your firearms with their renowned Swing n Slide locking technology. Whether you own one handgun or a large range of rifles, this reputable brand delivers quality and security every time. 

Buying a gun safe from a reputable seller like Belmont Guns and Ammo

Belmont Guns and Ammo are a reputable family-owned gun shop in Perth, renowned for providing expert advice and the best gun safe brands in Australia to our valued clientele. 

Browse the range of premium gun safes online now, or get in touch to discuss gun safe rust prevention today.